anthony bennett
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'post-minogue-ist' ...2006

'minogue-ism' began as an art movement in Brisbane in 1988. Before that it was a t-shirt and before that it was some letters on a wall beside a toilet. It was founded on the almost totally sincere belief that
meat > potato ass>art and kylie > batman and warns of a not too distant period in human history when lingerie models will rule the world, and we will gladly let them.
'Minogue-ism' ended on the 28th of December 2005 around noon although numerous militant splinter group factions like the daniiists also known as the disciples of cleavage, or the charlene sisterhood with their distinctive overall-like robes have continued to grow and flourish in various outlying areas. The exhibition 'post-minogue-ist' opened at Schuberts on april the seventh are some of my favourite pieces from the show...

' I mean thriller was good but let's face it, it's no off the wall now is it? '
' oprah > rikki '
' super thanks for asking '
'katie holmes what were you thinking girlfriend?'
' basquiat meal deal '
' self portrait ' (gunfight with willie nelson)
' self portrait watching CSI miami '
' sensible solutions for modern living '
' self portrait ( philosophical basket case) '
' self portrait ' (friday night)