anthony bennett
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'super thanks for asking'......June 2007

.... everything had been sold prior to the opening of this thanks to all of you with exceptionally good taste in art and bank balances to match and all of you cultured folk that attended the opening event... +cheers again ..........anthony....

'portrait of sidney'
' I just bought some fake britney hair on ebay....hey why wouldn't I?'
'jackie questions katie'
'it's one thing to have a pet monkey but it's quite another to call it bubbles'
'woke up this morning got yourself a gun'
'million dollar super contribution'
'monster truck'
' I don't really understand what keith richards was doing in the coconut tree in the first place'
' do you think paramount dumped tom because he jumped on oprah's couch??? '
'study 4 a truly excellent portrait of vincent'
'gwen stefani in jean paul gaultier or monica bellucci in dolce and's a tough call'
' the immensity of vincent '
'gauguin van gogh tyson holyfield '
' portrait of reg '
'...days of thunder may well be the best movie ever made...!!'
' I think all of us at one time or another have been titillated by the sight of bugs bunny in lipstick and frock '
' intense young pablo cheese question '
' portrait of henri '
' paul was never my favourite beatle '
' andy got shot '
' one day you too could be a famous artist '
' 1800 captain '