anthony bennett
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Wynne Prize Finalist 2009

"The most girt-by-sea experience of my recent trip to the Art Gallery of NSW for the Archibald opening in March was having the opportunity, with a mild chardy buzz firmly on board, to stand in front of this work with Ken Done and discuss the lost art of industrial strength koala painting....Ken was there because he is/was the subject of another artist in the archie and the artists and sitters have the opportunity to get together and get pissed at a lunch in the gallery on the thursday prior to the opening and before the winners are announced...Kenny (to his mates....that's not you!) is of course a legend to koala painters everywhere and if you care to look at the text scrawled on various parts of this painting, which are legible when standing in front of it and sober, somewhere down near the bottom it says in fine print, 'in ken done we trust!!'...lovin' your work kenny!!! the the the shoes!! " This work was also part of the Sydney exhibition in June.

'a landscape of insufficient green...where mountains are crushed for speaking out'